Quilt Sampler & Country Store Open Six Days a Week in Belpre, OH

Country Goods & Quilting Assistance

Neff’s Country Loft & Quilt Shop is open six days a week, for your convenience. Come in and browse the creative offerings and supplies Neff’s has to offer. Our friendly and professional staff is always willing to help you find the right selection of fabrics and quilting materials for your next project. Have a room you want to add a few extra touches to? We can suggest decorative pieces that will be just right in any space.

Handcrafted quilts carry a long tradition of bringing people together. Specialty quilts can raise awareness to a common cause, while family quilts can cross generations and become items of historical renown. With their functionality and beauty, the addition of quilts around the home has long been an item of enduring appeal. Quilts may be best known as bedcovering; however, smaller pieces may also be added in kitchens and as seasonal décor in various rooms around the house and outdoors. For those who appreciate the quality, creativity, and craftsmanship that go into quilting, it is especially meaningful to have Neff’s Country Loft & Quilt Shop as a local resource and supplier.

In addition to our store location, Neff’s Country Loft participates and supports local quilt and craft shows in a 100-mile radius. We are a popular, expert contributor to the quilting marketplace in and around the Belpre, Ohio area!

Quliting Assistance